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How Hive Outdoor Living Gets 7 Converted Leads Daily

Hive Outdoor Living, a swimming pool installer and landscaping company in Tampa Bay, has continued to splash into profits ever since they invested in our Google Ads strategies.

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Hive Outdoor Living

Meet the Client

Hive Outdoor Living specializes in outdoor swimming pool installation and landscaping services in Tampa, Florida.

The Objective

The primary goal for Hive Outdoor Living was to increase leads for swimming pool installation, drive traffic to their website, and ultimately boost sales. They aimed to achieve a significant return on investment (ROI) through a well-optimized Google Ads campaign.


Hive Outdoor Living collaborated with us to design and implement an effective Google Ads campaign. The campaign involved several key components:

Keyword Research

  • Conducted thorough research to identify relevant keywords related to swimming pool installation and landscaping.
  • Ensured the ads reached the right audience actively searching for these services.
Compelling Ad Copies

Compelling Ad Copies

  • Created engaging and persuasive ad copies to capture potential customers' attention.
  • Highlighted Hive Outdoor Living’s unique selling points to encourage users to visit the website.
Audience Segmentation

Targeted Audience Segmentation

  • Utilized Google Ads targeting options to reach users interested in outdoor living, home decor, and garden enthusiasts.
  • Tailored messages to a highly relevant audience.

Ad Assets

  • Implemented various ad assets such as site links, call, and callout extensions.
  • Provided additional information and encouraged users to explore the website further.

Conversion Tracking

  • Set up conversion tracking to monitor the ads' performance accurately.
  • Tracked online purchases, form submissions, and other valuable actions on the website.

The Results

The Google Ads campaign had a profound impact on Hive Outdoor Living’s business:

Increased Leads

Hive Outdoor Living went from struggling to generate leads to consistently receiving 5-7 converted leads per day.

Revenue Boost
  • The influx of converted leads translated into a substantial increase in revenue.
  • Hive Outdoor Living experienced a monthly profit ranging between $10,000 and $15,000.
Improved Brand Visibility
  • The targeted Google Ads campaign significantly increased Hive Outdoor's online visibility.
  • Positioned Hive Outdoor Living as a prominent player in the outdoor swimming pool installation and landscaping market.
Positive ROI
  • The return on investment from the Google Ads campaign exceeded expectations.
  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy in driving business growth.
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